2003 Magister Degree in plastic and visual Arts
1981-1987 Latvian Academy of Arts, Textile Art Department, Riga
1975-1979 Riga Applied Arts High School

1997 Latvian Textile Artist’s Association
1995 The Artist’s Union of Latvia
1986 The Young Artist’s Union of Latvia


2014 “Others citations…”,Gallery “Apsida”,Riga,Latvia.
2014 “Citations…”Latvian Architects museum.Riga,Latvia
2011 Gallery Mona Lisa, Paris, France
2008 “Heart full of love”, Gallery BonhanS.S, Riga, Latvia
2007 “Rencontres-Visages”, French Cultural Festival “French Spring”, Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Apsida Gallery, Riga, Latvia
2006 “Rencontre”, Gallery Carrousel. Riga, Latvia
2000 Museum of Applied Arts, Gallery Apsida, Riga, Latvia


2019. XI International Biennal of Mini Textile “MESURE”. Lithuanian Artist”s gallery “Arka”. Vilnius, Lithuania
2019. Kate Derum Award+Irene Davies Emerging Artist Award for Small Tapestries. South Melnburn, Australia.
2018. 20th International mini textile exhibition “Celebration”. Bratislava, Slovakia.
2018. 6th International Trienniale for Mini-Textiles.Szombathely, Hungary.
2017. 19th International minitextile Exhibition “Nearby-Faraway'”.Bratislava,Slovakia.
2017. Kate Derum Award for Small Tapestries.Australian Tapestry Workshop.South Melnbourne,Australia.
2017. XI International Triennal of Mini-textil “Libres comme l’art”. Museum Jean Lurcat. Anger. France.
2016. International Exhibition of Textile “Objects to touch 2”. Janina Monkute-Marks Museum. Kedainiai, Lithuania.
2015. KATE DERUM AWARD for SMALL TAPESTRIES.Australian Tapestry Workshop.South Melnbourne,Australia
2015.9th Internationale Biennial of Textile Miniatures”Out of the Box.”Art gallery “Arka”.Vilnius,Lithuana
2014.SMALL WONDERS(Piccole Meraviglie)II edizione,LINEA Spazio,ARTE Contemporanea.Florence,Italy.
2014 16th International Minitextile Exhibition”Textiles over Gold”.GallerySVU,Bratislava,Slovakia.
2013 The Latvian Contemporary art exhibition,Baku,Azerbaijan.
2013 8th International Biennial of TextileMiniatures”Thoughts”,Gallery ARKA,,Vilnius,Lithuania.
2013 9 International Baltic Minitextile Triennial,Museum of the City of Gdynia,Poland
2013 15.International Minitextile Exhibition:(Hand)Made in…Bratislava,Slovakia
2012 14. Minitextile Exhibition:Banality and Grace.Gallery SVU,Bratislava,Slovakia.
2011 7th International Biennial of Textile Miniatures.Vilnius,Lithuania
2010 8thInternational Baltic Minitextile Triennale, Central Museum of Textiles, Lodz, Poland.
2010 Salon d’Automne.Paris,France
2010 8th International Baltic Minitextile Triennal, Museum of the City of Gdynia, Poland
2010 9tf International Triennal of Minitextile. Museum of costumes and textile of Quebec in Saint Lambert, Canada
2009 9th International Triennale of Mini-Textiles, Musée Jean Lurçat, Angers, France
2009 3rd International Triennale for Miniature – Textiles. Gallery of Szombathely. Hungary
2009 Intimate in Art, Museum of Decorative Art and Design, Riga, Latvia
2007, 7th International Baltic Triennale of Mini-Textiles, Mastia Museum, Gdynia, Poland
2007, 8th International Triennale of Mini-textiles, Baie Saint Paul, Exhibition Center, Québec, Canada
2007 8th International Triennale of Mini-textiles, Center of Contemporain Art, San Cugat, Spain
2006 2nd International Triennale for Miniature – Textiles. Gallery of Szombathely. Hungary
2006 8th International Triennale of Mini-textiles, Museum of Textile, Saint Gall, Switzerland
2005 8th International Triennale of Mini-Textiles « Reduced Gardens ». Musée Jean Lurçat, Angers, France
2004 6th International Baltic Miniature Textile Triennale, Gdynia City Museum, Poland (Main Prize)
2002 Exhibition of Latvian Textile Art. Central Exhibition Hall. Moscow, Russia
2002 7th International Triennale of Mini-Textiles. Musée Jean Lurçat. Angers, France
2002 Exhibition of Latvian applied art. Malereu Art Museum. Liège, Belgium
2001 Exhibition “La fibre de la modernité”, Maison de l’UNESCO. Paris, France
2001 Europe Textile Art Exhibition, “Tradition and innovation”, Arsenals. Riga, Latvia
2001 Latvian Contemporary Art, Grande salle de l’Aubette. Strasbourg, France
2001 Contemporary Textile Art Exhibition “Les Métiers d’Art”. Cultural Center for Contemporary Art. Brie-Comte-Robert, France
2000 13th International Mini-textile Biennale. Gallery of Szombathely. Hungary
2000 2nd International Flax Biennale “Blue, Flax is Blue”. Sema Gallery, Viaduc des Arts. Paris, France
1999 “15 Artists from Latvia” in Gallery J&B Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Denmark
1999 Latvian Textile Art. Athens, Greece
1999 “Nos plus belles histories brodées”, National Museum of Folk Art and Traditions, Paris, France
1999-2000 6th International Triennal of Mini-Textiles. Museum Jean Lurçat Angers, France
1998 Textile Art from Latvia. National Museum of Castle Sant’Angelo. Roma, Italy
1998 Latvian Artists Exhibition. Gallery Vartai. Vilnius, Lithuania
1998 Textile Art from Latvia. Brussels, Belgium
1997 Triennale of Applied Arts. Tallinn, Estonia
1996 5th International Triennale of Mini-Textiles. Museum Jean Lurçat, Angers, France


Museum of Decorative and Applied Art, Riga, Latvia
Collection of Foundation, Riga, Latvia
Museum Jean Lurçat of Angers, France


Denmark, Germany, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Russia, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France
Modern Art Collection at Riga City Council
Ventspils Nafta, Latvia
Medical company ARS, Latvia


2013 8 International biennial of Textile Miniature”Thoughts-that is”.Gallery ARKA,Vilnius,Lithuania-II Diploma
2012 TXT Association Prize.14 Minitextile Exhibition Banality and Grace.Gallery SVU,Bratislava,Slovakia.
2010 Prize of distinction of the 8th International Minitextiles Triennale.Gdynia,Poland
2004 Special Prize of the Marshall of Voïvodie of Pomerania (Nagroda Specjalna Marszalka Wojewodztwa Pomorskiego), Gdansk, Poland
2001 Prize given by Air Baltic (“Art To Fly”). Riga, Latvia
2000 Main Prize from Jury of the 13th International Mini-textile Biennale. Gallery of Szombathely. Hungary
2000 Prize in Textile Art, given by Riga City Council (Exhibition “Riga 800”). Riga, Latvia
1998 Prize in Textile Art, given by Riga City Council (Exhibition « Riga 800 »). Riga, Latvia
1997 Main Prize in Textile Art, given by Riga City Council (Exhibition « Riga 800 »). Riga, Latvia
V.Lukaza included in the book of Ellen Bakker “Textile art around the world”